Friday, August 26, 2011


I know I am a contender for the laziest blogger award so here goes some much needed blogging... 
The thing is, I am not really sure what to do. I love blogs, i reads blogs so why is this so hard? When I did take the time to post my first blog, it felt oddly therapeutic so I guess that means I should do it more often. Taking the time for the simple enjoyments in life has been something that has always gone against my nature. I know, I'm weird..Derek tells me that all the time...and so do my kids for that matter! But I am talking about the really simple things like just sitting outside for no reason savoring nature, calling a friend out of the blue or in this matter, writing a simple blog post for a little clarity in life. Don't get me wrong, I try with good intention to do things like that but that to do list always creeps up and I find myself unnecessarily multitasking. Finding balance is my greatest challenge. Not just my greatest challenge but I think it's everyone's. I am beginning to realize that blogging doesn't have to be  philosophical and life changing and it can even be kinda fun. It feels almost like that feeling you get after exercising or eating your you can't wait until its over but you feel great that you did it. You all should try it if you don't already have a blog...I will be your first follower.... Hopefully that gets me off the hook for winning the laziest blogger award... since it is does get in the way....but it's still an excuse, nonetheless, to not make time for so many of us do.  I think its safe to say a good 90% of my followers are in the same boat...juggling their work, children, husbands/wives, friends, Family, pets all while being a chef, maid, taxi, school volunteer...and the list goes on...So on this beautiful Friday, (there, i did it... I averted my eyes from the computer to look out the window to appreciate how serene it is outside) remember to take those moments and simple pleasures...and I will try to do the same! Easier said than done, I know! But I will try if you will! If we were in the same room, I would toast you with my wine glass, "to balance"! Not that I am drinking wine at 10 in the morning...
Heres my moment! Look at them, I LOVE those guys!!!!

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  1. Here's to balance! It's 11:57, can I have my wine now?

  2. I love your work, I hope to order a dress from you soon! Thanks for doing the giveaway, I hope I win :) I too have a blog (but with no followers yet)... feel free to follow me if you want...

  3. I received Brady's dress today! It is PERFECT in every way! Thank you for still giving superior service especially with your sister being sick.

    Kem Higginbotham